Last Updated: June 16, 2011 10:38 AM

Day 1 March 19, 2011

 Picked up the FREE 1960 Studebaker Lark VI and brought the car home.

Day 2 March 20, 2011

Cleared out 54 pounds of debris from the floor of the car and within the bench seats. There were many mouse nests throughout the car. Removed the bench seats, door panels, and rear interior panels. Removed the generator. Attempted to remove the engine and transmission but had difficulty.

Day 3 March 21, 2011

Detached shifter linkage and bracket from transmission. Removed engine and transmission from car. Removed shifter.

Day 4 March 22, 2011

Removed driveshaft. Removed head lights. Removed grill, heater, battery mount, side grills, hood latch, and fender duct flaps. Disassembled front fenders, nose, and radiator mount.

Day 5 March 23, 2011

Removed starter and transmission dust shield. Detached transmission from engine. Removed clutch and flywheel. Put engine on engine stands. Drained liquid from engine. Roughly two-thirds of it was water and one-third was oil. Removed valve covers. Removed spark plug wires, ignition, distributor, and generator bracket. Removed intake. Head Number: 3795896 Head Date: K1963 Removed heads. Found a LARGE hole in cylinder seven.

 Yes.. That is a hole.

Day 6 March 24, 2011

Began wire brushing rust from nose.

Day 7 March 25, 2011

Removed water pump, pulley, balancer, timing chain cover, old engine mounts, oil pan, oil filter, crank case baffle, spark plug wires’ holder, and thermostat housing. Removed pedal dirt shield. Removed front side interior panels. Removed gas tank.

Day 8 April 11, 2011

Began unbolting body from frame. Cut out a large portion of the rusty floor.

Day 9 April 22, 2011

Braced car and lifted body off frame. Began removing parts from frame such as the steering column, pedals, and the front suspension. Made arrangements with Baughman Memorial  to blast the frame next week.

Day 10 April 23, 2011

Finished disassembling the rear end. Calvin finished disassembling the front suspension and knee joints.