Day 31 April 21, 2012   

 Worked on cutting cleaning and patching the main hoop cross member. Added 13 inches to the length. Welded in pieces of 3/16" plate to tie main cross member into the base of the B-pillar. 

 Day 32 April 22, 2012   

Installed cross member. 

Day 33 April 23, 2012   

Made and installed 1/8" plate  for the main cross member at the rear of the door sills (under the B-pillar).

Day 34 April 24, 2012   

Fabricated and installed 2 pieces from rocker to inner panel between rear wheel well and door opening. Welded floor pieces between the original floor under rear seat up up to main cross member.

 Day 35 April 28, 2012   

Started floor in front of the right rear wheel well.

 Day 36 April 29, 2012   

Worked on floor pieces in front of the rear wheel wells. Mounted the Corvette steering box.

 Day 37 May 4, 2012   

Patched inside rear left inner. Removed body bracing and stripped out everything under dash with Calvin.

 Day 38 May 5, 2012    

Installed 2 floor panels from frame to sills. 

 Day 39 May 6, 2012    

Fabricated mounts for E&T. 

 Day 40 May 10, 2012    

Picked up roll bar tubing at Dillsburg for $0.25 per pound.