Day 41 May 12, 2012    

 Bent roll bar tubing at Denny's.

Day 42 May 13, 2012   

Welded in roll bar. Paula made trunk corner pieces. Calvin made front trunk panel.

Day 43 May 18, 2012    

Moved front spring eyes back 1/2" and started solid weld. Welded in front of front trunk panel.

Day 44 May 21, 2012    

Welded the front spring eyelet gussets and rear spring shackle hangers.

Day 45 May 26, 2012    

Worked on firewall in the door hinge area. 

Day 46 May 27, 2012    

Cameron worked on the toe board patterns, Calvin worked on the steering arm.

Day 47 May 28, 2012   

Welded in the two toe board patterns for the transmission tunnel. Made the front and middle floor panels. Cameron helped on the front panel, Calvin helped on the middle panel.

Day 48 May 29, 2012   

Bent the panels at Dave's. 

Day 49 May 30, 2012   

Made 6 small pieces for the floor and welded them in.  Stripped Steering column.

Day 50 May 31, 2012   

Worked on steering - center-link and column